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Drive with confidence

Wherever you travel in Canada or the continental United States, Roadside Assistance is at your service. Call us anytime and we'll be there. You can also download the Roadside Assistance App * on Android and Apple iOS devices for added convenience at your fingertips.

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SYNC® 3 with 911 Assist® 

When you activate 911® Assistance with SYNC® 3, it can alert emergency services if you are involved in an accident. This feature detects other information such as airbag deployment and the number of seat belts used to properly allocate adequate resources.

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Technologies that support you in your driving.

Whether it's to warn you of vehicles in your blind spot, illuminate you with powerful LED lights, or even help you park in parallel, Ford's advanced and innovative features give you intelligent support to drive safely. confidence.

Drive hands-free with confidence on the highway

Designed using optional technologies such as intelligent adaptive cruise control with stop and start, lane keeping and speed sign recognition, the BlueCruise helps give you more confidence and control on the road.

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Check your blind spots

With BLIS® (Blind Spot Alert System) with Cross Traffic Alert, it's like having eyes around your head. It alerts you when vehicles are in your blind spots while driving and behind you when backing up.

Stay on track

With the Lane Departure Warning System, you stay in your lane, even during unintentional distractions. If your vehicle starts to pull out of the lane, you'll be alerted with steering wheel vibrations, chimes, and visual alerts.

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cruise assist

Cruise control that pushes the limits

Getting stuck in a traffic jam can be tedious. Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop / Start adjusts speed by slowing your vehicle down when traffic slows or stops, and then reverts to the preset speed when traffic picks up.

Head on the right track

In the event that a vehicle suddenly appears in your path, Steering Assist can help you avoid a collision. It doesn't control driving for you, but it can give you additional assistance to help you maneuver around a slow or stopped vehicle.

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park assist

Become a parallel parking expert

For those who have always wished they had an observer to park in parallel, there is the Advanced Active Parking Assistance System. No more stress, because all you have to do is disengage, accelerate and brake as the system tells you to enter and exit your selected seat.

Control steep slopes

Steep slopes can be difficult, especially if you are towing a trailer. Hill Descent Control makes it easier for you by helping to maintain a set speed on a slope, automatically applying the brakes when necessary.

hill assist

curve assist

Take curves with confidence

Initiating a turn too quickly can be nerve-racking, and you don't have to. With Cornering Speed Control, your speed is detected as you enter a turn and if the system considers the speed to be excessive, the brakes are automatically activated to help you slow down.

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